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Mia F.

  • Orthopedics
Thank you card from Mia F: Dear Dr. Weber, Thank you for fixing my Pa. He is so happy! We are so thankful to have him walking and smiling! You are our hero! Love, Mia F.

Dorothy M

  • Left Knee Replacement
I first met Dr. Weber about 7 years ago when he was recommended to repair my torn meniscus. That procedure went so well, I was dancing the day after with no pain. I visited him in April, 2017 and we discussed my left knee replacement. The surgery was performed in June, 2017. I had every confidence in Dr. Weber and I can truly say the surgery was a piece of cake for me. I was out of the hospital in two days and was driving a week later since it was my left knee. I have very little pain to speak of and with physical therapy, I was walking without a walker or cane about 3 weeks thereafter. I recommend Dr. Weber to all my friends who may have to deal with knee or hip surgery. I've had no problems since and am grateful I went ahead with the surgery.

daniel b

  • total knee replacement
I am grateful to Dr Weber and his entire staff for the professional care that I have received this past six months.He truly is dedicated to the full recovery of his patients.The name Integrity speaks for itself. thanks again

mark krull

  • Rotator cuff surgery
I had Rotator cuff surgery in January by Dr Joy. I had extremely a lot of pain and was not able to use my right arm very well. I was told by many people that rotator cuff surgery and rehab was very tough. Dr Joy could not have done a better job . The surgery and Rehab went very smooth thanks to Dr Joy and the staff at Integrity Orthopedics. I am back doing everything I was able to do before the surgery.


  • Hip Replacement
Excellent treatment before during and after surgery. Dr. Weber, George and the rest of the staff are excellent, polite, and very friendly accommodating. Answered all my questions. Overall a wonderful experience.

Charles Pleckham

  • Knee Replacement
In 2017 I had my left knee replaced by Dr. Weber and he and his staff did such a wonderful job in February of 2019 I had the right knee done. All were very professional and caring with both procedures.

Phyllis Saad

  • Direct Anterior hip replacement
I walked with a limp for several years. Each year it became more difficult to walk even around the house. I would use the cart at the store not only to hold my groceries, but to lean on for support. I researched the types of hip replacement surgeries being performed and the surgeons in my area who performed direct anterior hip replacements. After reviewing surgeons experience, education and testimonials, I made my appointment with Dr. Weber. I'm so glad I did. Dr. Weber explained what was involved with surgery, explained my options, listened to my concerns and answered my questions. The entire staff is compassionate, professional, and helpful. On the day of surgery I wasn't worried at all. Going back to work six weeks later co-workers were impressed with the new mobility I had. I owe Dr. Weber a great deal of gratitude for giving me my mobility back. I recommend Dr. Weber to anyone needing knee or hip surgery.

Valerie J. Montelpasse

  • Total knee replacement
I am so happy to be able to explain how happy and satisfied I am with my new knee! Today it is two months since my knee operation and I feel great. I have finished all of my physical therapy, incision beautifully healed and mobility great. This is my second knee replacement and it sure was different than my previous operation 5 years ago. Thanks to Dr. Weber and his whole staff. I was putting and putting up having surgery even though I was in pain and having difficult walking. Finally, I made the appointment and I haven't been sorry. Dr. Weber explained all alternatives and I decided that surgery was the best, as I am not getting any younger. Everything went well from beginning to end. Staff is polite, helpful, efficient. They were a big help in surgery preparation. They were also very patient as I had some preparation set backs. Dr. Weber was just great before and after the surgery. I am so happy to have found him. During my recovery I was asked who my surgeon was and I happily gave Drs. name. You were the best and and I really want to than you again.

Pam Stewart

  • Knee Surgery
Dr. Weber - I didn't even let you know what a miracle you performed on my hip when I came in for my appointment on Friday! I got caught up in telling you the news about my mom passing away but failed to you know how grateful I am for what you did for me. It's amazing how I can now walk without sever pain, I can put my shoes on again, I can stand from a sitting position without tremendous discomfort. I pray the Lord continues to bless you in the beautiful work you do. You are a master surgeon! Forever Grateful. P.S. my scar's not too bad either!

Ed H

  • Partial knee replacement
I had two partial knee replacement surgeries in May and September of 2020. With the guidance from Dr. Weber and his physicians assistant Cyndy the surgeries and recovery were successful. I would highly recommend contacting Dr. Weber's office.

Paul S

  • Shoulder Replacement
Short review: Dr. Ed Joy did a terrific job. My left (non-dominant) shoulder was very compromised, likely from a college football injury years earlier. He thoroughly explained alternatives and I elected a full replacement. Dr. Joy did not "sugar-coat" the attendant challenges to regaining functionality. The surgery was successful. Rehabilitation was lengthy. However, Dr. Joy worked directly with me and my therapist (Dan Lang) to facilitate improving strength and range of motion. Because excess scar tissue had formed, Dr. Joy suggested a second "clean-up" surgery which was easy and substantially fixed the problem. Dr. Joy continued to provide insight into the rehab process. My expectations were high and fulfilled. Everything that I hoped to accomplish is available, including weight training, golf and pole vaulting. Not an easy experience but Dr. Joy was a "Difference-Maker." He is a top notch professional and I would highly recommend him.


  • Anterior Hip Replacement
Dr. Weber and his staff are wonderful. From my first visit to my last one they were considerate, professional and very compassionate. Both Dr. Weber and the staff explained everything to me, didn't rush at my appointments and listened to my concerns. I would highly recommend them as they are very professional as well as caring.

Raymond C.

  • Replaced right hip
A number of neighbors had told me how pleased they were with the results from Dr. Weber's work. I was a little scared at first but after meeting and talking with George and Dr. Weber I decided it was time to have my right hip replaced. The surgery went smoothly and I was walking and climbing stairs in only a few days. After a week there was no pain and I did all the exercises that I had been given to do. The scar healed up quickly and now I'm walking normally with no problems. My hip feels as good as it did when I was 20 although I am now 80.

Frank W.

  • Total Knee replacement
Dr. Weber performed a total knee replacement on my left knee the end of November 2020 . I had very little pain so my recovery time was very quick. He also performed a knee replacement for my wife over 10 ears ago and she doing wonderful. Thank you for making my quality of life better. Frank W.

Margaret Gornick

  • Anterior total hip replacement
Dr. Weber replaced my left hip ten years ago without any complications. That is why I chose him to operate and replace my right hip this year. I am glad to say also without any complications. I again was very pleased with the experience this time around. I will say that the nurse practioner was not as thorough as the physician's assistant George, with whom I worked with ten years ago. But still, my overall experience was great and I will continue to recommend Dr. Weber as I have for over ten years!
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