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Angela Latorraca

  • Shoulder Arthroplasty
Dr. Joy turned my surgery into a great experience. Not only did he care about my shoulder, he cared about me as a whole person. Great surgeon and great beside manner.

Gary Pattenaude

  • Knee Replacements
Dr. Weber did a great job on my knee replacements. It was tough going through rehab but when it was said and done, I'm pain free and walking with no problems. Thank you for helping me Dr. Weber and Integrity Orthopedics.

Marilyn Molitor

  • Right Hip Replacement
The pain from the arthritis and pins in my right hip from a year ago was getting progressively worse. I saw Dr. Weber to see if a cortisone shot would help. He told me it would, but a hip replacement was inevitable. The pain relief from the shot was so immediate that I scheduled the surgery. I had surgery on a Monday, and with the care and pain management being so wonderful, I came home the next evening. I was able to stop the pain pills that same Friday because the pain was minimal. Therapy went well and I was driving 2 weeks after surgery. I have been very pleased with the whole process and would be happy to recommend Dr. Weber to anyone seeking a skilled and meticulous orthopedic surgeon.

Don Schrorder

  • Anterior Hip Replacement
I am 67 years old and have suffered with hip pain for several years. It got to the point where I was unable to walk very far or up stairs without taking one step at a time. I was referred to Dr. Dan Weber by a friend of the family who highly recommended him for the hip replacement surgery. My surgery was on January 31, 2017 at 7:30 a.m. and by late afternoon I was up and walking around my hospital room and sitting in a chair with very little discomfort. The surgery immediately greatly relieved the pain in my hip and now several weeks later I have no pain at all. I did several weeks of physical therapy which helped strengthen my leg and hip muscles. Dr. Weber and his staff are very professional. They explained the operation and what to expect and also answered the many questions I asked. I highly recommend Dr. Weber and his staff. I now walk and exercise daily with no hip pain.

Beatrice Yavenue

  • Knee Replacement
No one really ever wants surgery, more so when being a senior. It’s said word of mouth is the best advertisement. Especially from a trusted friend having both knees successfully replaced by Dr. Weber. So that was enough for me. I made a leap of faith and had the knee replacement by Dr. Weber as well. In less than 3 months after surgery, I walk pain free praise the Lord. Great instructions were given before and after surgery. Oh how I wish I would have gone to Dr. Weber sooner, but I’m thrilled with my trusted friend’s advice and being the best medicine.

Jim Ferrero

  • Hip replacements
The past 13 months Ive had both hips replaced. For the first time in 4 years, I walk with no back or joint pain. Everyone is apprehensive prior to joint replacement with the potential risks involved. My experience with Dr. Weber was excellent. There were no complications, and the pain was minimal. I was walking unaided in a few weeks. My experience was so positive, that my 2nd hip was replaced early this year. I was back in my store working a few hours a week after surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Dan Weber to everyone. As everyone says Why did I wait so long?

John Spiller

  • Knee Replacement
I couldn't have been more happy with my outcome! My progress has been fantastic and after just 3 months I was playing golf! No swelling, no pain, with virtually no visible scar, and its getting better everyday! Dr. Weber and his staff are definitely no.1 in my book!

Julia Edberg

  • Knee & Hip replacement
Thank you to Dr. Weber and his staff for the excellent care given to me during my hip replacement and total knee replacement surgeries. My recovery period for both surgeries went quickly and without discomfort. After 6 weeks of therapy, I was back with my trainer. I also have celebrated my 8th birthday.

Elizabeth B.

  • Knee Replacements
After Dr. Weber replaced my left knee about 7 years ago, I did not hesitate to return when my right knee required replacement last December. Both surgeries and recoveries went smoothly. Dr. Weber was able to schedule both surgeries to meet my academic year work schedule, so my "Down time" was minimal. Long walks and staircases are no problem now!

Gale K. Dodge

  • Hip replacement
After my hip replacement, I have had outstanding results. This is due to Dr. Weber's prompt diagnosis and corrective surgery. My recovery was speedy and positive. I have already recommended Dr. Weber to numerous friends.

Joseph Gallagher

  • Partial Knee Replacement
I had a partial knee replacement on April 11, 2017. Dr. Weber used the robotic unit at Ingalls hospital. I was up and walking, without a walker or cane, the same day. I was going up and down 11+ stairs after 3 days. I was driving and cutting the lawn within 2 weeks. Thanks to Dr. Weber, his staff, and Ingalls hospital.

John Maisura

  • Total Knee Replacement
I had a very bad knee for a number of years. Once I met Dr. Weber and had a conversation and X-rays with his staff. I was told I was bone-on-bone, and needed a total knee replacement. I was confident in his assessment and said "Let's get her done". I was back to work in less than 2 months and have had no problems. I would give Dr. Weber and his staff a "AAA" rating (No bones about it - "He's Good, Real Good")

Diane Johnson

  • Anterior Hip Replacement
One year ago I had an anterior hip replacement with Dr. Weber. I could never have anticipated how quick and pain free my recovery would be. I spent one night in the hospital and was released the following day. During my visits with my home physical therapist, I progressed from using the walker for three days to using the cane for three days. In one week I was walking with no assistance. At my ten day post op visit I was released to drive, since it was my left hip, and to return to the gym. Twelve days after surgery I was walking on the treadmill, riding the stationary bike and doing the elliptical. Within three months I felt completely back to normal and had resumed all of my regular activities. I attribute my amazing recovery to the skill and expertise of Dr. Weber and I highly recommend him if you need a hip replacement.

Ronald Brandenburg D.D.S.

  • Hip replacement
I've never been so pleased with the results of my hip replacement. An extremely quick recovery, short number of therapy sessions and return to work (2 weeks). The main reason for the short recovery, I feel is by following the doctor's and therapists recommendations (Walk Walk Walk). I will always refer folks to Dr. Weber and Integrity Ortho. for care.

Camille Michalesko

  • Knee replacement
I injured my left knee in a fall over 10 years ago. Arthritis settled in and over the years I tried everything to relieve the pain- cortisone shots, gel shots, combination cortisone and gel shots, PT, ETC. I put off surgery for as long as I could and finally had it on 03-21-17. I wish I had done it sooner! Thank you, Dr. Weber, I can't believe how good my knee feels. My surgery at Ingalls went well and all my worrying was so unnecessary!
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