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Ed Mucha & Alice Mucha

  • Shoulder Surgery
I never thought my husband would move his arm again. Dr. Joy did surgery on my husband Ed Mucha. He did an incredible job. He did a fantastic job and his bedside manner is fantastic. I would recommend him to anyone who may need surgery. Words can't explain how happy we are with his services.

George J Hemeath Jr.

  • Knee Replacement
I had my left knee replaced on March 21st by Dr. Weber. He also did my right knee in 1999. His entire staff, starting with Dr. Weber of course, is great. From the ladies who greet the patients at the reception desk to people like Cody and George. I know dealing with people who are in pain, old, confused or otherwise just cranky because of being ill or injured is not easy. His staff does it without losing their smile or caring. I could have gone anywhere for this procedure. I am a Vietnam Vet and a senior citizen and I live in Harvard, Illinois (approx. 100 miles from Dr. Weber's office). All of the appointments and driving were well worth it.

John Warren

  • Right Total Hip Replacement
My name is John Warren. I am a 49 year old healthy airline pilot. For the last year, I limped when walking with chronic hip pain. Unable to exercise, I gained weight and found myself in a sour mood. I consulted my neighbor who is a surgeon. He recommended I schedule an appointment to see Dr. Daniel Weber. They had been classmates at Northwestern Medical School. He said, "Dr. Weber always had the best test scores and is an excellent surgeon." My entire experience with Integrity Orthopedics was seamless. Dr. Weber has surrounded himself with a great staff. They are all very professional, helpful, friendly, and are working towards a common goal of getting their patients healthy. Dr. Weber's bedside manner is confident, upbeat, and caring. Most importantly, he gave me an accurate diagnosis with excellent treatment. My surgery was performed at Palos Community Hospital. In pre-operation Dr. Weber came to say good morning. He looked fresh and ready for business. My operation was a complete success. When I woke up, a dark cloud over my head had been lifted. I had a private room that had recently been renovated. The nursing staff was attentive to all of my needs. I never felt any pain throughout the entire procedure and post recovery. Two months after the surgery, I am enjoying walking several miles per day with no limp or pain. Biking and golfing are two sports that I have returned to play. All of my excess weight has been lost. I truly feel this was a turning point in my life. I have great pride in my health again and a zest for life. Thank you Dr. Weber and staff for making this possible.

Eileen P. McGuire

  • Ankle Fracture
I can't begin to say how lucky and blessed I am to have had Dr. Joy as my orthopedic surgeon. He was absolutely wonderful and I wouldn't be doing as well as I am if it weren't for him. I would highly recommend Dr. Joy to my family and friends. I had an awesome experience and am very grateful to him.

Laura Hettiger

  • Knee Replacement/Rotator Cuff Repair
At one time in my life, doing anything physical was difficult and painful. After discussing my goals and options, Dr. Daniel Weber did my first complete knee replacement in March of 2014. My second knee was done in February of 2015. My last issue was a torn rotator cuff. Dr. Edward Joy explained everything and did the repair in October of 2015. With Dan Lang heading their onsite physical therapy department, and the Integrity Orthopedics team, I am able to enjoy an active lifestyle. I am again able to travel, exercise, and function in every aspect of managing my daily activities. I am pain free, with no medication. I never thought it would be possible, but here I am!

Gregory Rogers

  • Hip Replacement
Two words - "LIFE CHANGING." I had my right hip replaced in April 2013 and my left in April 2016. Prior to my surgery, I'd put my socks and shoes on and I could hear my hips popping and grinding. When I got in and out of my car, I'd have to grab my leg wit both hands and lift. Those painful, nightmarish days are over. I'll be 55 in July and I feel like I'm in my 20s. Dr. Weber and his staff are very compassionate and professional. I highly recommend him.

Bruce S

  • Rotator Cuff Syndrome
I hurt my shoulder skiing long ago. I suffered years of back and neck pain. About 8 years ago, I woke up with severe pain from my neck down my right arm. After 3 years of specialists and therapy with no relief, I saw an article on shoulder pain by Dr. Joy. I saw him and within 15 minutes he said I had "3rd phase of frozen shoulder" and gave me a shot. That was the end. I've seen him twice since - and that first visit was about 5 years ago.

MaryAnn Busch

  • Anterior Hip Replacement
I had anterior hip replacement on April 25, 2016, and am extremely pleased to report that I have no pain and have returned to my active lifestyle at the gym and walking up to 6-7 miles per day. Dr. Weber is an excellent orthopedic surgeon who is compassionate and who listens to his patients! I highly recommend him and his staff - all of them are awesome!

Rick Orr

  • Full Left Knee Replacement
Dr. Weber and his staff did a perfect job on my full left knee replacement. Thanks to Dr. Weber's leadership and physical therapy, after 10 weeks I could walk without a cane. I am thrilled with the outcome and have no need for a cane. I never thought that the surgery and physical therapy would give this 82 year old a new lease on life. Many thanks again for a job well done.

Rick Costalunga

  • Knee Replacement
I have had two knee replacements performed by Dr. Daniel Weber, the left in July 2015 and the right in February 2016. Both surgeries went very well. I feel it was because of Dr. Weber's expertise and his wonderful staff as to why I came through this experience with flying colors. I will definitely refer him to my friends.

Gary L. Boender

  • Knee Replacement
I had both knees replaced by Dr. Weber and the entire experience was professional and with concern for my outcome. I had a very positive experience with an otherwise traumatic and scary procedure. I would recommend Dr. Weber to anyone needing the same operation. On a scale of 1 to 10 he is a 10.

Jewel C. Ivy

  • Left Hip Replacement
In 2015, I went to my PCP complaining of extreme pain and severe swelling in my lower back, left hip, and groin area. To get to work I had to climb two sets of subway stairs and walk six long city blocks. I'm not old enough to retire yet, but I simply did not see how I was going to be able to continue to make it to work with the pain. I suffer from moderate to severe osteoporosis arthritis so I'm no stranger to pain, but this was the most agonizing pain I had ever experienced. My PCP referred me to orthopedic specialist Dr. Daniel Weber in Tinley Park. On the first visit he took x-rays and explained what my condition entailed and advised me of two methods of treatment with detailed information, allowing me to ask questions. Of course I chose the least invasive method because I'm no fan of surgery. However, in less than a month I was right back in Dr. Weber's office and the pain was ten times worse! He explained that if the cortisone shot did not work he would suggest we do the surgery. I was in no position to disagree for the pain was unbearable. A cancellation in scheduling opened up an immediate spot for me to have a left hip replacement. I was very afraid, but I remember Dr. Weber coming in the room, sitting with me and assuring me that he would take good care of me and he would see me in recovery; that put me at ease. True to his word he took excellent care of me. I was up and walking the day after surgery and out of the hospital in three days. After three months of physical therapy I returned to work. Yes, climbing those two sets of stairs and walking those six long city blocks; slowly. A year later, I'm back in the fast lane! I thank God and Dr. Weber every day for giving me back my freedom of movement, pain free. Dr. Daniel Weber, I wish you and your family many years of good health and happiness.

Nancy Watland

  • Hip Replacement (Right and Left)
I went to the city and was told I needed both my hips replaced...left not feeling real good. I needed a second opinion. I met Dr. Dan Weber and had an immediate positive response with him and his staff. I decided right then and there to have the surgery. I had my first hip done in December and the second the following February. Within two weeks I was back to work off court as a tennis pro, but felt like a whole new person. I cannot say enough good about Dr. Weber and his staff. Just "Thank you!" I have my life back!

Mary E. Levy

  • Anterior Hip Replacement
Dr. Weber replaced my right hip (by an anterior approach) on May 7, 2016. Surgery was 7:30 A.M. and I was walking around the hospital shortly after noon. I was in the hospital less than 24 hours. I went home and was able to go up and down the stairs with very little difficulty, and virtually no pain. Dr. Weber is very professional and courteous, and his entire staff was very friendly and helpful. In particular his nurse practitioner, Cody Cholewa, was excellent at explaining everything and answering all of my questions, even though I kept interrupting him with more questions! I highly recommend Dr. Daniel T. Weber and I will certainly use him again if needed.

Anne Anderson

  • Anterior Hip Replacement
As an active senior (ballroom and other dancing, skating, and workouts at the Homewood-Flossmoor Tennis Club) I was dismayed when I starte to limp badly with pain. I made an appointment with Dr. Daniel Weber of Integrity Orthopedics in his Tinley Park office. I was bone in bone. He performed a new procedure - an anterior hip replacement, which does not cut the muscle. I was amazed at how quickly I recovered. I had two weeks of physical therapy. After three weeks I was actually able to do some dancing. After six weeks I was back to normal doing all the things I enjoyed. I had my life back! Thank you for giving me my normal life back!
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