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Carol Harvey

  • Knee Replacement
I am very pleased with the results of my knee surgeries, one in February of 2016 and the other in August of 2016. The entire office staff was courteous and helpful at each visit. Dr. Weber did a super job!

Beatrice Yavenue

  • Knee replacement
Not only is Dr. Weber a gifted skilled physician & surgeon. He sincerely showed me he cared by his eye contact & personal explanation of my needs and how I could be helped. In life often it's said ~ Word of mouth praise is the best ~especially by a trusted friend who had 2 successful knee replacements. I'm grateful for that advice & my successful surgery.

Patricia Beale

  • Knee Replacement
My complete knee replacement was done by Dr. Weber on July 11, 2017. I have completely recovered. I was released 52 days past surgery. My sincere thanks to Dr. Weber, Cody, Dan Lang (therapist) and Suzane. I am doing so well! I will not hesitate to have my other knee replaced. Very positive experience and outcome.

E. Jane Daley

  • Hip Replacement
In mid May of this year, Dr. Weber replaced my right hip. Two weeks after the surgery, I was already driving and my physical therapists were amazing. Given that I was 73 at the time I believe the credit for my remarkable recovery belongs to Dr. Weber who will be replacing my left hip December 11


  • Knee Replacement
Total knee replacement was a scary thing for me since I had no surgeries in my 66 years. Dr. Weber is the "Best" in my book, from our first visit to my post-op visit. He made me feel comfortable and secure. His staff, is also the best, accommodating, knowledgeable, and well trained. They work with you with every detail. As a surgeon Dr. Weber to me is uniquely skilled and up to date on the most current techniques. I am a brand new woman since my surgery. The pain was minimal, compared to what I experienced before my surgery, I would have no one but him do it. Thank you!

Beverly Lodato

  • Hip Replacement
I had right hip replacement in March of 2016 and left hip replacement in August of 2016. I was very pleased with the outcomes. Dr. Weber and his staff are very caring and professional. Everything was explained thoroughly in advance. Special thanks to George, the man behind the scenes, who arranges everything seamlessly.

Dorothy Mikolajlzyk

  • Total Knee Replacement
My left knee surgery was done in June. I drove to my first follow-up appointment 10 days after surgery. I experienced minimal pain, mainly as a result of the swelling. Having had excellent physical therapy, I now have painless mobility and am walking very comfortably. Thank you, Dr. Weber, for making life so much easier for me.

Laura Simek

  • Hip replacement
Dr. Weber gave me back my mobility. Thanks to his excellent surgical skills I went home the day after my total hip replacement and was driving in 2.5 weeks. I am enjoying retirement, traveling and gardening. He is compassionate and professional as well as his staff.

Barbara Kiehl-Lekovich

  • Hip & Knee Replacement
I had my left hip replaced (anterior approach) in July, 2017, by Dr. Dan Weber. He previously replaced my right hip and left knee, so I've been under his care for three joint replacements. Obviously, if my experiences had not been favorable, I would have sought another surgeon, but each and every time, the care and service I received, and especially the outcomes, were very positive. I had the right total knee replacement preformed at a major downtown hospital, and was very displeased with the whole thing, much pain, a two-week inpatient rehab stay, plus a long PT session, resulted in a less-than-ideal outcome. In fact, it still is not a favorable comparison to the knee replacement Dr. Weber performed. When I started experiencing hip pain after the first knee surgery, I sought someone who performed the anterior approach and Dr. Weber was the only MD in the south suburbs I could locate who qualified. Needless to say, after the first positive experience with Dr. Weber, I knew who to see for my subsequent two joint replacement surgeries. I continued to be impressed with the skill and demeanor of his entire staff; George and Cody were available and capable assistants who provided valuable insight to the entire process, from initial contact to completion of rehabilitation. The whole experience from the beginning to end was seamless and stress-free. I am grateful to be pain-free and able to participate in gym activities and everyday activities without much limitation. I told Dr. Weber I should have a tee-shirt made emblazoned with JOINTS BY WEBER, since he's been the surgeon for my 3 of my 4 joint replacements, each with an excellent outcome. I have, and will continue , to enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who is suffering from debilitating knee or hip pain. Keep up the good work, and thanks to all at Integrity Orthopedics for your dedication and expertise.

Brenda Burke

  • Knee replacement
I had partial left knee replacement 09/11/17. Returning home from the hospital I was able to go up and down the stairs and do my home P.T. with much less pain then before surgery. I live alone and was able to completely take care of myself. Pain meds only at night. Dr. Weber and his team did a great job!

Anna Kreske

  • Hip Replacement
I have had two hip replacements over a four year period by Dr. Weber and both surgeries turned out very well. His assistants, Cody and George, are knowledgeable and supportive of Dr. Weber's philosophy. This team helped to make the pre op and post op experiences stress free and positive. I was pain free almost immediately following surgery and steadily improved quickly. After only one week post op, I was walking without assistance and gradually resumed my outdoor walking regime in the forest preserve within the first two weeks. This helped to strengthen my hip and made the transition to the gym and more active workouts easier. The office and support staff and Dr. Weber are to be highly commended for providing excellent care and successful outcomes after both of my hip replacement surgeries.

Paul Zaforski

  • Shoulder Replacement
On 05/11/17 Dr. Joy replaced my right shoulder. The pain blocker worked great. Showered on day 5, and stopped all pain meds. on day 8. After 5 months of P.T., my range of motion is better than expected. Still no pain! Back to golfing. GREAT JOB!

Allene Muse

  • Knee replacement
Tuesday November 28, 2017, marked the three month anniversary of my left knee replacement by the "Magician" , Dr. Daniel Weber M.D. Except for the return of the "pesky" bakers cyst (Which Dr. Weber successfully aspirated on Wednesday 11/29/17). My surgery has been a phenomenal success. The physical therapists at Ingalls, Homewood Rehab. in home and outpatient "Marveled" at my speedy recovery. I was back driving after 2 weeks. Having my knee replaced at 76, was the most consequential health decision I could have made. Why did I wait so long? Thanks Dr. Weber.

Ken Lesley

  • Hip Replacement
Total experience, from first appointment learning I needed a total hip replacement - to surgery- to follow up with therapy and finally to go back to work release, couldn't have gone any smoother and professional. Would recommend Dr. Weber & his staff to anyone in similar need.

June Zoellick

  • Shoulder Injury
Dr. Joy is a very compassionate, understanding, and knowledgeable doctor who is very patient oriented. When he discharged me after a shoulder injury I told Dr. Joy "I am joy-filled the Lord sent me of to him."
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