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About the Practice

It Is All in the Name

When choosing a name for our practice, we wanted a name that in one or two words would capture our entire philosophy. Qualities such as honesty; reliability; honor; and ethics.

Honesty, when helping our patients decide whether surgery is the correct choice.
Reliability, in our highly developed skills as fellowship trained surgeons and our responsiveness to our patients needs.
Honor, in establishing relationships with our patients, developing a keen sense of mutual trust.
Ethics, in our code of conduct preventing us from profiting from outside sources.

Integrity Is Our Name

Whether it is an injury or fracture, pain, joint disease, or loss of mobility we will develop a course of treatment customized to the individual. Here at Integrity Orthopedics, our goal is to work with our patients in establishing the best outcome for each individual person. Our mission is to restore your musculoskeletal system, using a variety of approaches and rehabilitation for an improved life style.

We constantly strive to live up to the high professional standards we established when we chose our name, Integrity Orthopedics.

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